Current projects

A project encompassing the manufacturing, mounting and maintenance of measurement poles, 100 m in height, has been contracted and implemented with the company HEP Obnovljivi izvori energije d.o.o. – Zagreb, for the following four locations: Krš Pađene – north, Krš Pađene – south, Pliš and Zelovo. The measurement poles were made of steel lattice structure, with 3-meter segments interconnected by bolts. After constructions works for scoops were completed, foundations were laid for the measurement poles and the anchoring steel cables were fixed, the workers of 3.MAJ TIBO mounted the measurement poles and connected them with the steel cables. The subcontractor company TARADUR d.o.o. installed and put into operation the measuring and communication equipment for recording wind speed and direction at the altitudes of 25, 50, 75 and 100 m and for recording air temperature, pressure and humidity.

For a customer from Sweden, a project was completed, encompassing the annexing of two hotel floors with steel structure façade and partition panels, insulated by mineral wool and lined by OSB plates, and the equipment of the interior with prefabricated sanitary units with shower stalls, toilets and wash-basins, as well as several units with access facilities for disabled persons.

A project was contracted and implemented with the company KONČAR, which encompassed manufacturing of a cylindrical steel pillar, 60 m in height, for the mounting of a wind turbine with the power of 1.5 MW. The cylindrical steel pillar consists of three sections with conical cylinders, of maximum diameter 4050 mm and minimum diameter 2200 mm. Cylindrical hoods were made of steel tins, 12 to 22 mm, and welded together at section lengths of 14, 21 and 25 m. The sections were connected by bolts at custom-made flanges welded on both sides of each section. The pillar was mounted at the Konjsko location near Split.

A project was contracted and implemented with the company RADNIK – Križevci, encompassing manufacturing and mounting of eight steel roof carriers, 30.5 m in length, for the school sports hall Matulji. The steel carriers are box-shaped, 1600 mm in height and 660 mm in width, with steel pivots for affixing to the concrete board. The hall’s roof was designed to also serve as a square and a promenade.

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